Build it gradually

I’ve been listening to some old episodes of Weekly Briefly podcast. The episode I really likes was (Lifestyle Practices)[].

The point that hit home with me was the idea of turning a long term commitment into a series of short term ones and gradually increasing the lengh of each interval. This is very simple approach but gives you an opportunity to check things out and reduces the psychological burden of making a huge commitment.

I practice this works as follows:

  • select something you want to implement.

  • get very excited and decide that it’s a thing you want to do.

  • so rather than jump head first and crash an burn take it easier.

  • set to do the thing for 30 days first.

  • see how it goes, can you do it? is it the thing you expected to be. Keep your eyes open and observe your progress.

  • once the 30 days is up. Set another goal for 60 days and keep observing.

  • once that is up set another interval for 90 or 120 days. Once this is done you have stuck with the change you wanted for 7 months.

  • Continue on until you reach 1 year by that time things should be automatic and well established.

  • one more added benefit of using interval

**Good way to apply and execute a commitment is to make it a short term one. Start with a month then 3 months then 6 months, then 12 months and so on.

This way you implement a change that builds up from short term want to a long term habit.**