Trade money for time

They say you can’t more time but…

When it comes to money it’s good to accumulate some amount of it. It is even better to spend it on regular basis on things that are important to you.

By that I don’t mean buy more items or chase the latest and greatest gizmo. It’s about spending money on experiences, learning opportunities, building relationships etc.

In the short term possessions seem to matter more but not in the long term. In long term possessions will weigh you down, can’t take them to grave but experiences, relationships, adventures will last the lifetime.

Below quote sums it up quite nicely.

In your lifetime, use money to acquire time.
Share time with people you wish to influence with your values. Be the brand.
Remember that it’s better to earn, and spend, our own way in life. It’s what you did.
Have a bias towards “assets used for shared experiences,” rather than cash flow.
Ask the question, How do I wish to be remembered?

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