Random by nature?

Biological systems are generally hacks that evolved to be good enough for a certain environment. They are far from pretty top-down designed systems. And to accommodate an ever-changing environment they are rarely the most optimal system on a mico-level, preferring to optimize for survival over any one particular attribute.

The Need for Biological Thinking to Solve Complex Problems

Improvised solutions are typically those that last longest…

How will you respond

Great food for thought given the current political climate and events.

Do we intentionally choose the optimistic path? Are we eagerly more open to change and possibility?

Every day we make the hard decisions that build a culture, an organization, a life.

Since yesterday, since last week, since you were twelve, have you been making deposits or withdrawals from the circles of supporters around you?

People don’t become selfish, hateful and afraid all at once. They do it gradually.

When we see the dystopian worlds depicted in movies and books, are we closer to those outcomes than a generation ago? Do we find ourselves taking actions that make our conversations more considered, our arguments more informed, our engagements more civil? Or precisely the opposite, because it’s easier?

Seth Godin

On walking

Two recent reads which higlighted walking as means of better thinking and working through concepts and ideas. Below quotes sums it nicely.

A Philosophy of Walking: Thoreau, Nietzsche and Kant on Walking

How to re-frame your work life around You: my walk n’talk takeaways

I knew I’d need to get my clients out of the office. It’s impossible to have transformative conversations in a boardroom or corner office, you need to go on a journey. You need to get outside, I find there’s an honesty out on the streets.