More time to think

Thirty-eight percent of jobs are now designated as “managers, officials, and professionals.” These are decision-making jobs. Another 41% are service jobs that often rely on your thoughts as much as your actions.
Here’s a problem we don’t think about enough: Even as more professions look like Rockefeller’s – thought jobs that require quiet time to think a problem through – we’re stuck in the old world where a good employee is expected to labor, visibly and without interruption.

The result is that most people have thought jobs without being given much time to think, which is the equivalent of making a ditch-digger work without a shovel. Maybe this is why productivity growth is half of what it used to be.

Lazy Work, Good Work

Strange paradox – our knowledge and understanding of complexities in the world expands dramatically yet the time to think and analyse is getting smaller and smaller.

How do you make time to think?

Start with your calendar and make an appointment for 15-25 minutes to think and jot some notes on one current issue. Repeat the next day and the following day and so on. Gradually increase the time to 60 or more minutes. Remember to apply the outcomes of your thinking in your work and personal life.

Happy thinking…