Don’t speed read

If you’re reading fast you’re not thinking and challenging what you’re reading. You’re not being critical. You’re not making connections with existing knowledge. You’re not arguing with the author. You’re not reading something at the edge of your cognitive ability

Reading fast gives you two things that should never mix: surface knowledge and overconfidence.

The secret to reading better is reading lots of good books slowly. This enables you to build knowledge. Knowledge, in turn, allows you to read faster with true comprehension and retention. It’s how you can dispose of most ‘new’ books as re-hashed old ideas that offer little value.

Speed Reading is Bullshit – The Mission

Multi disciplinary thinking

This takes us back to John Stuart Mill, the great nineteenth-century economist and philosopher, who believed that nobody can be a good economist if he or she is just an economist.

Most economics students are not required to study psychology, philosophy, history, or politics. They are spoon-fed models of the economy, based on unreal assumptions, and tested on their competence in solving mathematical equations. They are never given the mental tools to grasp the whole picture.

Economists versus the Economy

My current source of multi disciplinary thinking and a source of lessons from wide selection of topics and areas is the Farnam Street.

Essential = important

When something is essential, it is absolutely necessary. Essential is the very definition of what’s truly important.

Urgent is relative, but essential is absolute. While urgency is usually defined by external factors, essentialness is fundamentally important to a project or goal, regardless of external factors.

Two quotes I picked up from How to Stay Focused in an Age of Distraction

There are myriad of ways to slide and dice tasks, organise projects and align goals. But if the answer to a question “is this task/project/goal essential?”, is yes then this is an important thing. This is where your focus should be. This is the thing you should dedicate your time to.