Productivity is overrated

Productivity is important for being successful. But its role in this endeavor is often blown out of proportion. Some of the most accomplished people I know are incredibly disorganized. They work at the last minute. They stay up all night. They constantly scramble to find what they’re looking for. But they still get it done. Other accomplished people are incredibly organized. What gives? The truths underlying this reality:
Being productive does not make you accomplished. It does, however, make being accomplished less stressful.


The key to really getting ahead has nothing to do with productivity. From my experience with successful young people (and, as I writer, I have quite a bit of exposure to this crowd) what you need, put simply, is a drive to keep working, with a laser-like intensity, on something even after you’ve lost immediate interest. Tenacity. A grating thirst to get it done. These are the precursors of accomplishment.

Dangerous Ideas: Productivity is Overrated – Study Hacks – Cal Newport

I think these observations are very true. I’ve been following the How I work series on Lifehacker and one of my own observations is that it’s rare for any one to use any elaborated productivity systems. The most popular to-do systems are simple pen and paper, a document on a computer or a default reminders/notes app.

In efffect a productivity system might help you a bit but it’s not critical to delivering results and achieving success.