Habits and compounding

Get 5% Better: The Compounding of Consistent Incremental Progress

Warren Buffett likes to say that The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken. Billion-dollar industries have been built on convincing you that it’s easy to make big changes or to get a lot wiser and better. But it honestly isn’t. It’s hard work.

I’ve been experiencing the effects of habits, consistency and compounding frist hand. For the past 4 months I consistently did 50 push-ups a day almost every day. Afther those four months three things have changed:

  • I no longer need to remember to do 50  push-ups.
  • I can see the effects of the training by the size of my arms
  • I can easily do over 25 push-ups in one go and I regularly hit 60 or more pushups.