Read classics

If I’m going to spend time learning something, I want it to be as timeless as possible.**

Taking Note: How Note-taking Improves Reading—An Interview with Shane Parrish – Evernote Blog

If you want to learn something that’s been proven useful, that’s been tested for dozens of years classic books are best source of knowledge.

Some list of classic books to pick from:

The 100 greatest novels of all time: The list

[The 100 greatest non-fiction books] (

Best Classic Literature Ever

The Greatest Nonfiction Books

What’s the value of social media

There’s an infinite selection of activities in the world that might bring some value. If you insist on labeling every activity avoided as value lost, then no matter how frantically you fill your time, it’s unavoidable that the final tally of your daily experience will be infinitely negative.

On Digital Minimalism – Study Hacks – Cal Newport

A very compeling argument, why one should limit/drop use of social media.