Why blog

I share below quote only to realise it’s been a month since my last entry.

“Your podcast will reach more people than your book will. A blog post will reach more people than a podcast.”

“Everyone should write a blog, every day, even if no one reads it. There’s countless reasons why it’s a good idea and I can’t think of one reason it’s a bad idea.”

 Seth Godin Explains Why You Should Blog Daily

No post for today

Unfortunately there will be no post for today. As it happens the article I was working on about Evernote did not turn out as I expected.  

Basically after re-reading it I decided the quality wasn’t there and I need to re-write it from scratch.  

I’m posting this little bit on the spur of a moment after listening to Enough podcast episode 199 and reading Mike Hurley’s article.

As result I’m scrapping today’s post and working on making it better.

Share Your feedback

I’ve been running this blog for a while and I would like to hear from you what do you think about the site.

More importantly I would like to hear from you, about the topics areas that I should cover. I absolutely enjoy reading about productivity, tools and techniques so learning about these things and sharing my observations is a real pleasure for me.

Let me save you the time and do the work for you. Let me know what you want to know and I will dive deep and share the best things I can find. 

Thanks for taking the time.