Disconnect. Really.

Being always online, checking feeds, email, collaborating from your phone or tables is extraordinary. Just few years ago you had to put a lot of effort to collaborate with people form another office not to mention another country.

Yet being constantly on has considerable draw backs. Our ability to focus and concentrate is diminishing as we are constantly bombarded by pings, dings of the different devices. 

Tony Schwartz writes what it really means to disconnect and why it’s important. As it turns out despite our fear that we might miss something there’s hardly a thing that couldn’t wait. 

As the holiday season is upon us, take time to really disconnect and leave your gadgets at home and pick places with no wi-fi and then enjoy the food, nature and the slowly passing time.

What Happens When You Really Disconnect

On avoiding distractions.Lessons not just for writers.

Producing results requires dedication, a vision of end state and ability to conquer distractions.
By conquering I don’t mean for life because personally I don’t think it’s even possible . We associate distractions with ringing phones, co-workers stopping by, email and social media notification pinging every 5 minutes. We can remove all the external distractions relatively easy by turning of our devices, finding a quiet spot etc. But what do you do with the most notorious one that sits in side your head?

Seth Godin calls it Lizard Brain, Stephen Pressfield calls it Resistance. They all are forms of  the same, our ability to zone in on something that’s flashy and easy an chasing it down the rabbit hole and completely loosing sense of time.  How to curb our self distracting brain? Below interview with Joanna Penn might help you with finding few strategies and techniques to help put your focus into right places.

One idea that caught my attention specifically is to work from a library. I think this environment might be much more productive than sitting in a busy café. For more follow the link below.

How Professional Writers Avoid Distractions: Interview with Author Joanna Penn

Finding Focus

Finding focus isn’t always easy. There are many distractions and things that grab our attention and pull us away from the thing we really wanted or have to work on. There are different strategies for guarding and maintaining focus. One that I wanted to share was published by Cal Newport couple years ago but it still is valid solution.
Rather than treat you day as single block of time to use, try to create a high level structure so that you know in which area you should put your attention. Read further….

My Focus centric day