Weekly Links post 14th March

A collection of posts and articles about productivity, time management, tools and technology.

Expertise triumphs Experience – Over at Productive flourishing Ali Luke explores the notion that experience may not be the best indication of the performance and ability to do the job. As she point out you may be cooking for twenty year using the same recipes but that does not make you a chef. What really matters is the expertise in the particular field gained through learning, testing and asking questions.

WorkAwesome Podcast: Episode 12 – Patrick Rhone – WorkAwesome site has a very interesting interview with Patrick Rhone. The interview focuses on topics like productivity, macs, software tools and minimalism.  I came across Patrick when he did a lot of writing about staying productive using pen and paper. His new area of focus is minimalism where runs two sites Minimal Mac and Enough – The Minimal Mac Podcast. Both places are worth visiting for some food for thought and inspiration even if your platform is Windows.

10 Awesome Videos On Idea Execution & The Creative Process – I think the title speaks for itself. This is a really great collection starting from Steve Jobs Stanford speech to JJ Rowling speaking at Harvard. Be sure to set a side at least 2h as these talks cover a lot of ground.

Developing Systems That Work – Over at Get Rich Slowly JD Roth writes that he found three ways of a successful system: routine, automation, and simplicity. Although the context of this post is very much focused on personal finance it’s very easy to draw parallels with personal productivity. In fact if you apply above three elements it’s almost certain that you will become more effective and organised.


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