Essential = important

When something is essential, it is absolutely necessary. Essential is the very definition of what’s truly important.

Urgent is relative, but essential is absolute. While urgency is usually defined by external factors, essentialness is fundamentally important to a project or goal, regardless of external factors.

Two quotes I picked up from How to Stay Focused in an Age of Distraction

There are myriad of ways to slide and dice tasks, organise projects and align goals. But if the answer to a question “is this task/project/goal essential?”, is yes then this is an important thing. This is where your focus should be. This is the thing you should dedicate your time to.

A losing game

There’s an infinite selection of activities in the world that might bring some value. If you insist on labeling every activity avoided as value lost, then no matter how frantically you fill your time, it’s unavoidable that the final tally of your daily experience will be infinitely negative.

On Digital Minimalism – Study Hacks – Cal Newport

Don’t pay catchup with the internet play by your own rules.

More focus

What are the strategies that bring more focus?

  • Practice it it’s a muscle and can be exercised 

  • Clear your head. Regularly clear head from ideas. Write them down, outline how to take them forward. Practice GTD or similar method.

  • Find locations with little or no interruptions. Banish notifications 

  • Stop being reactive. Take control over when you check messages, when you look at updates or respond to people.

  • Get proper sleep 7-8 hours. It has bigger impact than any amount of work or effort you could put in.

Read more over How to focus

Searching for Right Action

Patrick Rhone has very thoughtful piece on the concept of right action. He investigates it by looking at his usage of social media however the key concepts can be easily applied to other areas of life.

So too, before one takes action, one must have, understanding, intention, and speech rightly aligned. Because your action will be supported, flow from and be informed by all of these — rightly aligned or not.

I too have been looking at my commitments and how are they aligned with what I want and aspire to. The first step is really to step back and ponder on the things that happen in ones life. Not to judge them but simply see as they are and where they lead to. Another way is to look at the things that one wants to invite to his or hers life.
I think approaching from two perspectives is helpful as so far I’ve noted couple things that require addressing and alignment. One such thing amongst the items I picked up on is running this site. I definitely sense that the alignments is missing. Often times I can get one or two items to align and only occasionally all three of them. Despite seeing numerous benefits flowing from running this site I’m yet to find a way of building strong alignment and maintain it on a long term basis.

I invite you to read Patrick’s post and think of your own actions and how aligned they are.