To remember for longer 

Practice at retrieving new knowledge or skill from memory is a potent tool for learning and durable retention. This is true for anything the brain is asked to remember and call up again in the future—facts, complex concepts, problem-solving techniques, motor skills. Effortful retrieval makes for stronger learning and retention.

To Learn, Retrieve

Kindle centered reading and learning workflow

An excellent reading and learning centered arond Kindle

  1. read a book
  2. highlight sections, sentences as you go
  3. extract highlights to your notetaking app of choice
  4. review highlights, add any additional thoughts and comments
  5. use those in your writing and learning

I picked it up from The Knowledge Project podcast- Shane Parish – Interview with Sanjay Bakshi

Path to Mastery

Becoming a master of something makes you a very special person that seems to posses some extraordinary talents and skills that no one else has or will ever be able to have. Yet that may not be a truth.Author Robert Greene shares his research that suggest that everyone can achieve a mastery. It’s long process that requires dedication, passion, open mind and willingness to learn with great intensity.

The path to mastery is relatively simple.

The first move is the most important: follow a career route that is matched to your inclinations and interests. Develop skills in as many areas related to this interest as possible. Work with mentors to streamline the process. Discipline yourself, gaining self–mastery. Learn how to work with people and defend yourself against the aggressors.

In a guest post on site he shares some of his discoveries and observations.

If you want to jump on the path to mastery this maybe a good read.

The Path to Mastery

Weekly Links for 3rd of October

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