Finding Your Story, Your Purpose & Your Compass

Ian Sanders delivered a great talk at a Do Lectures conference back in 2015.

The title of the talk “Finding Your Story, Your Purpose & Your Compass“.

It’s emotional, talks about dreams, passions and “just being YOU”. Plus I get a little mention too which I’m grateful for.

The talk got me really thinking whom I wanted to be and what I wanted to do at the ages of 8 -10  and 15-17 and where I’m know. I’m still processing the results because I’m quite shocked in very positive sense.

Happiness and passion

Happiness is very much related to productivity and one influences other greatly. In this very funny and engaging TED talk Shawn Achor shares  some excellent ideas how to make your work like and beyond better.The secret is not in money or power or status or any other external factor. The real happiness comes from inside and can be very easily cultivated on your own.
Shawn shares few techniques how can you improve your happiness and lead a better life, these include:

  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Random act of kindness
  • 3x gratitude a day

The second link I wanted to share is an recent episode of GTD Virtual Study Group podcast with a guest appearance from Cal Newport. Cal is a professor at Georgetown University and also author of three books about productivity and being successful student. He also runs a blog called Study Hacks where he explores various aspects of productivity, deliberate practice, passion etc.

In this podcast he concludes that passion comes from experience and becoming comfortable with the topic you’re interested in. He doesn’t agree with the advise that you should seek your passion first and than find a job that fits. In his view, overtime as you become more and more experienced and familiar with the area things become easier and easier, you also gain more skills which if rare and in demand can result in bigger salary, more freedom, creativity etc.

We can be passioned about almost anything and it’s simply fact of gaining enough knowledge and sticking with it long enough. In short don’t quit your job after a year as you never get passioned about anything.

Would love to know your view? How do you maintain your happiness? Have you found your passion?