On avoidance of stuff

Few weeks ago I contemplated spending some time installing Ubuntu Linux and learning more about the platform and it’s capabilities. When you look at the images and videos of the most recent version you can clearly see that it’s very compelling offer. Even before I started, I somewhat new that I would not move there permanently  the whole experiment would be a failure and I will be back using Windows in no time. All I wanted to do was just to play with something different.
I shared this with my wife and she asked one question that sorted everything out.

What are you avoiding?

So simple and so powerful!! We spoke briefly about the stuff that seemed to underlay the issue. I thought about this more later that evening and realised that “playing with apps and tools” is somewhat a default response to being challenged with bigger or more difficult problems. Solving them takes time and effort and for while you can’t see any results.

In the end I went back and looked at things that I was avoiding and not willing to do. I needed to spend more time clarifying them and figuring out what I wanted to do and how to approach them. I’m still in the process getting clear on some of those things. Sometimes it’s painfully slow and difficult yet I believe that with the right amount of time and effort I will get what I want. I no longer look at Ubuntu (regardless how cool it looks) or other tools for that matter as a solution. Solutions to your problems and questions are results of thinking and planning, tools help only craft the solutions and make them a reality.

What are you doing to avoid your important stuff?

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