Weekly Links: email archives,text expantion, planning on paper and coffee

Kicking off again with a weekly post were I share some interesting links from around the web on productivity, tools, creativity, email, GTD, projects.

How to Use Gmail Search to Clean up Your Email Archive

Lifehack.org has a very interesing post on cleaning up your email archive from unnecessary cruft of system notifications, twitter updates, comments notifications etc. Good read if you want clean up your archive.

Text Expander 4

Text expantion is fantastic way to save time in writing repetive things and speeding up filling forms and other documents. If you on Windows have a look at PhraseExpress. App with ton of potential.

Ten Ways To Get More Done At Work

A good reminder of simple strategies that can help you focus on your actual work.

What You Don’t Know About How To Use A Calendar

A list of ideas what calendar is for. My favorite –  if it has a date and time put it on calendar.

A Beginners Guide To Planning On Paper

Paper still have a place in productivity arsenal of even most die hard technology users. Michael share some very interesting observations on how paper assited him in planning.

The Search for The Ideal Coffeemaker

To many coffee is synonimous with productivity and getting a kick to get thigs done. Mike Vardy shares some thoughts on finding ideal device to make your coffee.

Weekly Links Post 30/10/10

I decided to start to post on weekly basis a  collection of articles which might interest you.  I’ll try to cover a various spectrum of topics and areas but still in and around productivity, technology, sefl management.This is the first post of this type and I hope you will like it.