Disconnect. Really.

Being always online, checking feeds, email, collaborating from your phone or tables is extraordinary. Just few years ago you had to put a lot of effort to collaborate with people form another office not to mention another country.

Yet being constantly on has considerable draw backs. Our ability to focus and concentrate is diminishing as we are constantly bombarded by pings, dings of the different devices. 

Tony Schwartz writes what it really means to disconnect and why it’s important. As it turns out despite our fear that we might miss something there’s hardly a thing that couldn’t wait. 

As the holiday season is upon us, take time to really disconnect and leave your gadgets at home and pick places with no wi-fi and then enjoy the food, nature and the slowly passing time.

What Happens When You Really Disconnect

Six keys to affecting a change

Change can be a hard pill to swallow, new habits and routines need to be setup. New behaviors need to be learned, tool accustomed to. In one word change is stressful.

This stress can cause that the change will not happen, we may see the obstacles first, the positive effects are not materialising quick enough. This again lead to a further stress.

Tony Schwartz shared couple steps which can make the change process a much easier and more manageable. These include things like:

  • being highly specific and precise in describing what you want to achieve
  • make only one change at time
  • strike a balance in the change you’re introducing 
  • remove the temptations
  • look out for thing that block your change
  • keep at it

You can read the full post on by following the link: six keys to changing almost anything

Weekly Links: Evernote templates, short lists, unproductive truths, Tony Schwarz

Evernote template challenge

I’m big fan of Daniel’s work. He’s running an Evernote template contest now and you can win a yearly subscription to a Evernote’s Premium Account. Closing date 30.07.12.


Need to plan few days and send that list to someone? This is a very neat tool just for that purpose.

5 Common Time Management Truths That Can Make You Unproductive

Not every advice works for everyone, very often best productivity tips contradict one another.Timo posts interesting critique of some of the commonly referred productivity concepts.

How to clear your inbox, make decisions and generally get things done

The Washington post has an interview with David Allen about GTD and his work.

Video of Tony Schwartz at the 99% Conference

Excellent video from 99% Conference of Tony Schwarz talking about productivity, work misconceptions and making the most out of your creativity. Really worth 30min of your time.