My Ideal Day

Why Visualisation

Visualisation is a powerful technique which helps achieving goals, reducing stress and seeing yourself succeed. It’s widely used for example in sports, where during the intense hours of training athletes imagine themselves performing to their best and then winning the race. Since I’ve started to take part in triathlona and marathons I’ve used visualisation to picture myself going throughout different stages of the event. I think about the water, I see myself getting into transition area, etc. It’s very effective and it helps to reduce stress, calm the nerves and eases things off.

In his most recent book ‘Your Best Just Got Better‘ Jason Womack uses this technique to creating an ideal day. Jason asked me whether I would be interested in sharing my ideal day. Funny enough, I’ve just recently done this exercise.

My Ideal day

This is the first time I’ve done this visualization and I’m planing to repeat it regularly and observe the changes, notice what’s new and what remains unchanged. I think that over time this will be a source of great insights. So here it is – My Ideal Day:

I get up at 5:55 am and jump straight into my running gear and go for a very easy 5K run, enjoying the morning weather in the Irish countryside. When I’m back, I take a quick shower, have a light breakfast of organic porridge, milk and banana and enjoy my first cup of freshly made latte. After breakfast I go to my home office/study room, sit at the computer and write for 1.5 hours. I then take a short break and spend some time with my wife as she gradually gets on with her day. Then I go back to writing and work for another 90 min. Once I’m done I go off to meet with my clients. We talk, exchange ideas, look for solutions to problems. Then I’m going to a local coffee shop for a lovely gourmet sandwich and the second cup of coffee. I quickly scan through my messages and check my calendar and tasks. I’m back at my home office where I work on a presentation that I will be delivering later that week to a group of freelancers and entrepreneurs. I finish work at around 6 pm.  At that point I move my focus onto my family, spending time playing, talking and cooking. In the evening I sit down in a nice comfy chair  and I enjoy an interesting book.

Even though it’s not true yet, I’m working towards making such day my reality. I realize it might take me some time yet I firmly believe that one day those things will be true.

If you haven’t read Jason’s book I highly recommend it. It’s packed with actionable ideas and food for thought. I encourage you to find out if your best can get better!

Jason also offers a chance to win your ideal day for details head over to WIN Your Ideal Day.